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Month: August 2017

Hello There!

Hello There!

First blog post ever. What do I do? What do I write about? What is this blog REALLY going to be about?

The answer to most of those: I don’t know. I’m interested in so many things in life. I don’t really have a niche quite yet. I wanted a place to share artwork and stuff about my business. I wanted a place to share random thoughts and travels and WHATEVER. I want to share weird things I find.

I know blogs are supposed to have a specific focus and yadda yadda. But honestly? To hell with that. I’m going to write about what I want because this is for myself. It’s a fun personal project and we’ll see what happens when whatever happens.

What I CAN do right now is introduce myself a little.

I’m a designer based in Chicago who loves to eat, drink bourbon, travel, eat some more, take photos, and bake. I love drawing and painting and I am currently working on my hand lettering. I play roller derby in my free time with the Chicago Outfit.

I have one cat. His name is Bowie and he’s a good boy.

I love reading and usually carry a book with me everywhere. If you’re on Goodreads, come find me!

I also love to write, hence this blog. I actually majored in Journalism and Apparel Design during undergrad but never pursued either field after. While I don’t regret that, I do miss writing and sewing. I definitely want to change that in the future.

Well that’s all for right now. If you want to keep up with me more frequently, I do have a Tumblr I use almost every day.