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"We don't see things as they are; we see them as we are"

-Anais Nin


I'm a designer, illustrator, mess-maker, and bourbon enthusiast based in Chicago. I was born and raised here so I'm prone to say strange things, like "frunchroom" instead of living room. My personality type is INFJ. My sun sign is Cancer and my rising sign is Capricorn (if you follow that sort of thing).

In addition to writing for this blog, I also write for The Outbound Collective

I am also a designer/illustrator

Some fun random facts about me:

  • My notable hobbies include: painting, drawing, yoga, baking, skating, over-caffeinating, traveling, collecting vintage clothing and cameras, hiking, and eating
  • I skate with the Chicago Outfit Roller Derby league
  • I'm always reading several books at once

If you want to keep up with me on the day to day, check out my Tumblr. I can also be found on InstagramTwitter, and Pinterest