This One's For You, Grandpa.

Disclaimer: I'm actually a Sox fan (gasp!).  But I'm not a jerk about it.  I'm very happy for the Cubs World Series win.  For those of you that don't follow baseball or not in the U.S., the Chicago Cubs won the World Series for the first time in 108 years.  

Many people went their whole life without seeing a Cubs World Series win.  One of those people is my Grandpa Oscar.  He lived for 97 years and two years after he passes, they win it.   

Anyways, because many did not get to witness this history, people started a sort of memorial of names written in chalk on the wall of Wrigley Field.  My sweet friend was in Wrigleyville and wrote my grandpa's name on the wall.  


This one is for you, Grandpa.  I hope you're seeing this from wherever you are.