Fresh Starts


Hello. I am back. 

I guess I never really was here, since my blog only has one post before this. But I had a sort of struggle with whether I wanted to be a writer or a designer. If I wanted to follow this path or that path. I was doing a lot of comparing. And that is crazy because I can be both a writer and designer. And I don't have to take a path already taken.

Which I know sounds so basic. We always hear the ole "take the road less traveled" adage. It's drilled into us. But when you actually take pause and really ABSORB that statement? Well. It can be quite freeing. 

So that took me back to this space that I had so quickly abandoned. This is something I truly get excited about. It doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to be mine. 

So hello. Welcome. I hope you stay awhile.